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    Oracle NoSQL Database is a scalable, distributed NoSQL database, designed to provide highly reliable, flexible and available data management across a configurable

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    Path Database. Take control of your applications data layer by learning SQL, and take NoSQL for a spin if youre feeling non-relational.

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    NoSQL Database Types. Document databases pair each key with a complex data structure known as a document. Documents can contain many different key-value

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    The relational database model has prevailed for decades, but a new type of database -- known as NoSQL -- is gaining attention in the enterprise. Here's an overview of ...

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    9/14/2013 · Best NoSql for querying date ... If I want to query the collection for given date ... what you want is performing a range query in a search engine like ...

    • function (doc) {
        var date = new Date(doc.PeriodStart);
        emit([ date.getFullYear(), date.getMonth(), date.getDate(), date.getHours(), date.getMinutes() ] , null]);
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    Elasticsearch as a NoSQL Database. By Alex Brasetvik. ... but makes keeping things consistent and up-to-date more ... Search is also more than finding a keyword in a ...

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    Building on the Best of Relational with the Innovations of NoSQL Try MongoDB for Free. ... Keep up-to-date on MongoDB news, local events, and software releases.

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    A NoSQL (originally referring to "non SQL", "non relational" or "not only SQL") database provides a mechanism for storage and retrieval of data which is modeled in ...

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    Data Made Simple RavenDB is the premier NoSQL database for .NET. Open source, speed-obsessed, and a joy to use.

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    1/12/2012 · MongoDB query for date based document-1. Is there a way to write a Mongo query to return a date & amount? Hot Network Questions